The international Express Yourself Conference 2015 at the University of Education Heidelberg Germany

The conference started on Sunday, 10th May, at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Heidelberg with the preregistration at 6pm.

publicpreview5 The German Chain Reaction Team welcomed the teachers and students from the partner countries. Placed on the tables decorated with flags were information packages and individualized backpacks with “dinner bags” waiting for curious and hungry students and teachers.


After the preregistration the students and teachers had the chance to see Heidelberg in all its beauty. On a short walk at the Neckar banks they could enjoy the sun and take a look around the old city.


On Monday 11th May the conference started at 9am after an openig with live music

IMG_6064_b (Large)

with the welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Lange, the vice rector of University of Education Heidelberg.

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Afterwards Dr. Stuart Bevins, the coordinator of the Chain Reaction Project, welcomed all the students and teachers. He spoke about the project and the possibilities the students now could call their own with their new knowledge and understanding about science and scientific research.

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Then Prof. Dr. Manuela Welzel-Breuer and Prof. apl. Dr. Nicole Marmé came on stage and opened the conference officially with the presentation of the conference programme and the order of the presenters.

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The German Chain Reaction Team planned three blocks with four presentations in each block. After four blocks there was a break. The postersession took place in the same room as the lunch was served, so the students and teachers could look at the posters from the other countries, ask questions and discuss results and research.

For your information, here is the conference programme for the first conference day:

Monday 11th Mai 2015, International Express Yourself Conference at

University of Education Heidelberg

Time Action Details
09:00 Official welcome
Welcome speech by Prof. Dr. B. Lange
Welcome speech by Stuart Bevins (Project-Coordinator UK)
Welcome by Prof. Dr. M. Welzel-Breuer & Prof. apl. Dr. N. Marmé
09:15 organizational matters Presentation of the conference programme
09:30 Presentation Turkey The Efficiency Of Hydroelectric Power Plant
09:50 Presentation France Production of fresh water and electricity during space travel
10:10 Presentation Italy Alice in Wasteland
10:30 Presentation Slovenia Solar panels
10:50 Break  
11:10 Presentation United Kingdom Investigation into the effect of colour of light on growth in various
11:30 Presentation Georgia Green Energy
11:50 Presentation Greece Green Heating
12:10 Presentation Bulgaria cosmic Web Site (Site for Big Bang)
12:30 Lunch
12:45 poster session  
13:30 Presentation Slovakia Galaxy of plants
13:50 Presentation Jordan Green Heating
14:10 Presentation Ireland Induction Hobs
14:30 Presentation Germany Construction of a MultiChAcc (MultireChargeable Accumulator)
14:50 Thanks to all presenters Summary of the conference and explaining following programme


After some spare time for students and teachers, in which they could explore Heidelberg themselves, a shuttle bus collected the conference participants for the conference dinner at Klosterhof Neuburg in Heidelberg. The Klosterhof is idyllically situated above the Neckar valley, on the outskirts of Heidelberg. The interplay of pasture and orchards, natural streams, farm and monastery contribute to the special charm of this landscape.

Here the participants could enjoy the keynote by Prof. Dr. J. Wambsganss, who talked about his research and search of a second Earth in his presentation “In search of Terra-2: Is there a second Earth out there?”.

In the meantime the buffet was served and after listening to the keynote the students and teachers could enjoy German Home Cooking.

Also the students and teachers got a present: specially for the international Express Yourself Conference 2015 in Heidelberg the German Chain Reaction Team designed a magic mug for further scientific research.


Magic Mug Video






For the second day of the conference, Tuesday 12th May, the German Chain Reaction Team planned an inquiry day for the participants. With the individualized buttons on the backpacks from the preregsitration on Sunday they could find themselves sorted into international groups and with a task at hand.


Inquiry Day Task

First, there was shock. As we looked into the faces we could see questions and uncertainty. International groups? Speaking English? Chain Reaction Machine?

But after five minutes or so, the teams got to work. They had all the same start: two desks, an inquiry-day box with diverse material, a flipchart and their brains. And they worked fine together. With paper rolls, duct tape, clothes pins, thread, balloons, sand, paper and more the international teams constructed very interesting chain reaction machines, which also mostly worked in the trial run.

IMG_6333 (Large) IMG_6308 (Large) IMG_6278 (Large) IMG_6271 (Large) IMG_6269 (Large) IMG_6268 (Large)

It was incredible to see how different the six international student-teacher-teams were working together. So many minds with so many ideas and so little time. But the results were astonishing.

All in all the international Express Yourself Conference was fantastic and in our eyes a great success.

We, the German Chain Reaction Team, had so much fun and are enthusiastic about all the power work the student teams from twelve countries inserted in their research and their presentations. That is the spirit of Chain Reaction! Connecting, working together, exchange information, ideas and dreams so the international Chain reaction is set in motion.

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